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Cohasset Soccer Club Safe to Play Plan

September 4, 2020

In accordance with COVID-19 order no 43 issued by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts on July 6, 2020, with supporting documentation issued and amended on August 13, 2020 by the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, youth soccer has been classified as a Moderate Risk sport and is permitted to participate in Phase 3 training activities. In this phase, youth sports are allowed to train and begin inter-League play.   In response, Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association has developed their Return to Play Guidelines.  While these guidelines currently do not apply to fall seasons, it is anticipated that fall restrictions will be similar.

              Cohasset Soccer Club (CSC) has prepared this document, with strict adherence to the requirements set forth in Mass Youth Soccer Return to Soccer Activities Guidelines - July 24, 2020, to codify the expectations for all participants and spectators at CSC training and game events.  This document will serve as the reference document for the training of all adults associated with youth soccer through CSC, including coaches, administrators, referees, and parents/guardians.  Meeting the requirements of this document is the minimum requirement for any CSC soccer related activity, whether home or away.

Basic Safety Protocol


  1. Players and participants are limited to no more than 25 per single playing surface at any one time. The number of coaches and staff should be limited. A full-sized field may be used by more than one group, provided that adequate social distance and group separation at least 20 feet apart can be maintained.
  2. There will be 5 fields set up for play.
  3. No more than 50 people (excluding players, coaches, referees, or facility/activity workers) on one surface/playing area at any time.
  4. Signs will be placed on the field that state “’Masks are required”.
  5. CSC recommends that families limit spectators to 1 family member per player. 
  6. Six feet of social distancing will be enforced at all times throughout the Milliken - Bancroft Field, unless directly involved in active play.  This means that all spectators must maintain six feet of separation from the playing surface and from other spectators not a member of your family group.  It is the responsibility of the spectators to know the appropriate distance. Coaches, substitutes, and support staff must also maintain six feet of separation while in the technical areas.
  7. Spectators must be 14ft from the playing field at all times.
  8. Face Coverings will be required for all. Face coverings worn must attached around the ears so as not to cause any injury if accidentally tugged or pulled on. No around the head or neck face coverings permitted during play.
  9. Upon arrival to training, coaches or staff should ask each athlete if they are experiencing any signs or symptoms of COVID-19. If the athlete has any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 they should be sent home and instructed to contact their healthcare provider. They will not be allowed to return to training until they are cleared by a healthcare provider. A doctor’s note must be provided. 

  10. Facility will provide hand sanitizer to all.
  11. Participants should use their own equipment and be instructed to sanitize their equipment after every training session. This includes, but is not limited to, water bottles labeled with their name, towel, and personal hygiene products (hand sanitizer, facial tissues, face coverings*), shin-guards, Goal Keeper gloves as needed, and pinnies.  
  12. Each head coach will hold a zoom meeting with families prior to first game and share the safety protocols, and collect a signed agreement from families.
  13. During the games it is the responsibility of the designated Covid Safety Officer to instruct the head coach to call a safety time out if players or families need to be reminded of the requirement.
  14. Examples of not following protocol are: spectators, players, or visiting teams failing to comply with state mandated measures; excess spectators, request for supplies, etc.
  15. Prior to the game coaches must alert every referee to our need for this measure if the situation calls for it.
  16. Players should arrive to the field dressed for play.  Personal effects will be placed away from the playing surface and at least six feet apart.
  17. Only coaches will be allowed to touch common team training equipment.  Coaches are responsible for cleaning of equipment (cones, goals etc.) with disinfectant before and after training.  CSC will provide the disinfectant.
  18. No restrooms will be available for use.  This means that away coaches and spectators must be made aware of the lack of facilities in advance.  
  19. Trash Removal - To continue to provide minimized risk opportunities at this time there is a strict “Carry In” – “Carry Out” policy.  Please take your waste with you, what you bring in – you take out. 

  20.  Congregating in the parking lot, common areas, entrances, and exits before and after games are not allowed.
  21. Concessions or food services must follow the Safety Standards for Restaurants.

The Game

  1. No handshakes/celebrations/team meetings are allowed.  Sportsmanship can be demonstrated without contact.
  2. Referees require a mask and a whistle.  Assistant Referees will provide their own flag.  Once referees return to the technical area, they must social distance to six feet and/or apply a mask.
  3. Players are required to sanitize their hands prior to substituting onto the field and after substituting off the field.  Handling of the game ball should be limited to players in active play only.
  4. If pinnies are required, coaches are responsible for the handling and distribution.
  5. Do not allow shared team snacks. Participants and spectators should only drink from their own containers. 

  6. If there is a stoppage of play (due to injury, etc), all players must maintain a social distance of six feet until play resumes.

CSC Responsibilities:

  1. Operators must post visible signage throughout the site to remind all of hygiene and safety protocols.
  2. Hand sanitizer stations should be set up at the entrance and exit.
  3. Entrance to Milliken will be the middle gate by the parking lot and there will be someone with a counter tally outside.
  4. Exit will be on the Bancroft side and there will be someone with a counter tally outside.
  5. No more than 250 individuals are allowed on Milliken field at one time.
  6. To ease the movement of people through these points, no equipment or play will be allowed within ten yards. 
  7. Members of the CSC will share the responsibility of acting as “Covid Safety Officer” during games.
  8. Additional PPE (face coverings, sanitizer, etc) will be provided to coaches for emergency use in case a player should forget theirs.  Spectators without face coverings should be asked to leave the facility by the coach.
  9. Schedule groups/teams with a minimum of 15-20 minutes in between the time one team concludes and the other arrives. Players not with a guardian or parent must leave immediately after their game/practice session. Players should not arrive at their field earlier than 5 minutes prior to their scheduled practice time.
  10. Remove benches and bleachers from all soccer fields. Players & spectators must bring their own chair. All chairs must be spaced according to physical distancing rules. (6’ apart) 

In addition to following the above guidelines anyone participating in Travel Soccer is responsible for:

  1. Each team must designate their safety officer and provide the name to town officials. They and the head coach are the onsite point of contact for any town officials.
  2. Games are 25 minute halves and 5 minute warm up and half-time.
  3. Spectators must remain 14ft back from the field.
  4. The bleachers will be closed. Players & spectators must bring their own chair. All chairs must be spaced according to physical distancing rules. (6’ apart) 

  5. Warm up time must be must build that into field use schedule.   


Parent Expectations

  1. All spectators are required to wear a mask on the premises at all times and maintain a 6-foot distance from anyone not in their household. 
  2. Families are recommended to limit spectators to 1 family member to ensure 50-person maximum per field is maintained.
  3. Spectators are expected to remain 14ft back from the field.
  4. Players are required to wear masks at all times. Parents are responsible for ensuring their player understands and abides by the mask protocols.  Town officials, if present, may ask players and/or spectators to leave the premises if not wearing masks.
  5. Each player is required to bring their own hand sanitizer.
  6. Each player should bring a marked water bottle. There is no sharing of water bottles.
  7. No food for players during the game. 
  8. There will be no physical contact among players and coaches. No high fives, no pats on the back, or other physical contact.
  9. At the completion of the game, all participants and spectators are asked to leave the fields immediately. 
  10. Parents must explain safety protocols to their player and any family member who will attend the game.


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Please sign, save the document with your last name and your coaches last name, scan and send back to (