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Categories:        Registration is now open for the following age groups and categories


  • Girls U12 (5/6 Grade) – Fall and Spring Seasons
  • Girls U12 (5/6 grade) – Fall Only
  • Girls U14 (7/8 Grade) – Fall and Spring Seasons
  • Girls U14 (7/8 grade) – Fall Only
  • Boys U12 (5/6 Grade) – Fall and Spring Seasons
  • Boys U12 (5/6 grade) – Fall Only
  • Boys U14 (7/8 Grade) – Fall and Spring Seasons
  • Boys U14 (7/8 grade) – Fall Only

Coaches:         If you are interested in being a coach, or assistant coach, for one of the teams, please register as well.  As always, thank you for volunteering.

Dates:             Registration is open now through June 5th.

Fees:               The program fee for the 2019/2020 season is as follows:

  • U12 / U14 Fall and Spring Season:  $315
  • U12 / U14 Fall Only: $215

Additional late fee after 6/5/19*:  $50

* There will be no exceptions to this cut-off date and assessment of a late fee

Try-Outs:        Try-outs for all age groups will be held on Thursday June 6th and Friday June 7th at the Cohasset Sports Complex. As in prior years, the try-outs will be managed by an independent club soccer program.  You must be registered in SportsPilot to be eligible for the try-outs.  It is critical that you attend try-outs, but if you are not able to attend, please send an email to CSC in advance.  Please remember that everyone will make a team for the travel program.

  • GU12:     4:00-5:30PM      June 6th
  • GU14:     5:30-7:00PM      June 6th
  • BU12:     4:00-5:30PM      June 7th
  • BU14:     5:30-7:00PM      June 7th

Uniforms:        Try-ons for uniforms will be held 45 minutes before try-outs on the following time slots.  Please show up early for the try-ons so as not to be late on the field.

  • GU12:     3:15-4:00PM      June 6th
  • GU14:     4:45-5:30PM      June 6th
  • BU12:     3:15-4:00PM      June 7th
  • BU14:     4:45-5:30PM      June 7th

Please note that we will be ordering your actual uniform, so please do not leave with the one you tried on – they are for try-ons only.

Cohasset Soccer Club

Welcome to the Cohasset Soccer Club website.  Cohasset Soccer Club is an all-volunteer run community soccer program for Cohasset athletes. We have over 100 parent volunteers and 700-plus soccer players participating in In-Town, Travel and Winter programs. Our In-Town program consists of Pre-K to 4th grade. Our Travel teams compete in the Coastal Youth Soccer League in the fall and spring seasons.