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Travel Schedule

Fall 2020 Travel Schedule

Game Schedule for Week 7 - Saturday, October 31

Field Category Begin Time End Time Team Line-Up
Alumni BU14 7:30 8:30 Axon (white) v Livermore (blue)
Alumni BU12 8:40 9:40 Naples (blue) v McDowell (white)
Alumni BU14 9:50 10:50 Smith (white) v Giglio (blue)
Alumni BU12 11:00 12:00 Giglio (blue) v Fales (white)
Alumni GU1214 12:10 1:10 Schultz (blue) v Whoriskey (white)
Alumni GU1214 1:20 2:20 Martin (white) v Kluza (blue)
Alumni GU1214 2:45 3:45 Ziady (white) v Campbell (blue)

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