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Girls Roster

Fall 2020 In Town Girls Rosters

Girls Pre-K (3v3)   Team
Brynn Beaulieu Emerald (Beaulieu)
Summer Bertovich Emerald (Beaulieu)
Reagan Chubb Emerald (Beaulieu)
Andria Liptak Emerald (Beaulieu)
Quinn Luvisi Emerald (Beaulieu)
Gwenyth Bradley Gold (Reissfelder)
Eleanor Broomhead Gold (Reissfelder)
Francesca Murphy Gold (Reissfelder)
Molly Reissfelder Gold (Reissfelder)
Mairead Ryan Gold (Reissfelder)
Meara Lombard Navy (Lombard/Whoriskey)
Elizabeth Malvezzi Navy (Lombard/Whoriskey)
Kaira Manley Navy (Lombard/Whoriskey)
Juliette Marshak Navy (Lombard/Whoriskey)
Taylor Whoriskey Navy (Lombard/Whoriskey)
Louisa Greco Orange (Greco/Steel)
Rowan Steel Orange (Greco/Steel)
Fiona Sullivan Orange (Greco/Steel)
Lillian Thibault Orange (Greco/Steel)
Katherine Tweeddale Orange (Greco/Steel)
Mae DeGraan Purple (O'Leary)
Caroline Donahue Purple (O'Leary)
Kate Hession Purple (O'Leary)
Brooke O'Leary Purple (O'Leary)
Riley Pilotte Purple (O'Leary)
Brooke Bottomly Silver (Bottomly/Silvia)
Stella LeClair Silver (Bottomly/Silvia)
Emelia Scribner Silver (Bottomly/Silvia)
Cali Silvia Silver (Bottomly/Silvia)
Lexi Silvia Silver (Bottomly/Silvia)
Sloane Sullivan Silver (Bottomly/Silvia)


Girls K (3v3/4v4)   Team
Camilla Bolcome Emerald (Staunton)
Ellen Duffy Emerald (Staunton)
Celia Koch Emerald (Staunton)
Parker Moran Emerald (Staunton)
Coco Pimpare Emerald (Staunton)
Molly Staunton Emerald (Staunton)
Kennedy Carlson Gold (Greaney)
Madeline Evans Gold (Greaney)
Sofia Greaney Gold (Greaney)
Vivianna Murphy Gold (Greaney)
Molly Reardon Gold (Greaney)
Charlotte Wlodarczyk Gold (Greaney)
Josephine Cunningham Navy (Levy/Nylen)
Amelie Gustafson Navy (Levy/Nylen)
Grace Levy Navy (Levy/Nylen)
Emma Nylen Navy (Levy/Nylen)
Madisyn Sasso Navy (Levy/Nylen)
Madeline Burns Orange (Fine)
Elle Fine Orange (Fine)
Phoebe Lorimer Orange (Fine)
Cora Offen Orange (Fine)
Eve Reinig Orange (Fine)
Riley Carter Purple (Harney)
Katherine Florek Purple (Harney)
Emerson Harney Purple (Harney)
Chloe Lubitz Purple (Harney)
Harlow Orpik Purple (Harney)
Charlotte Riley Purple (Harney)
Molly Banning Silver (Banning)
Erin Driscoll Silver (Banning)
Evelyn Hill Silver (Banning)
Emily McNamara Silver (Banning)
Abigail OKeefe Silver (Banning)
Olivia Smith Silver (Banning)


Girls 1st (4v4/5v5)   Team
Maeve Bradley Emerald (Pratt/Gillis)
Andrea Cass Emerald (Pratt/Gillis)
Ellen Doherty Emerald (Pratt/Gillis)
Charlotte Gillis Emerald (Pratt/Gillis)
Hayden McConathy Emerald (Pratt/Gillis)
Elizabeth Monahan Emerald (Pratt/Gillis)
Grace Moscardelli Emerald (Pratt/Gillis)
Parker Pratt Emerald (Pratt/Gillis)
Isabella Wyganowski Emerald (Pratt/Gillis)
Alice Yeomans Emerald (Pratt/Gillis)
Morgan Flynn Gold (Flynn/Richard)
Mary Kennedy Gold (Flynn/Richard)
Willa Kerr Gold (Flynn/Richard)
Wynne Kerrigan Gold (Flynn/Richard)
Brooke Maggi Gold (Flynn/Richard)
Amelia Richard Gold (Flynn/Richard)
Georgia Rohn Gold (Flynn/Richard)
Fiona Streppel Gold (Flynn/Richard)
Susan White Gold (Flynn/Richard)
Leah Berg Navy (Sunday/Offen)
Taylor Dodge Navy (Sunday/Offen)
Oriana Guillen Navy (Sunday/Offen)
Charlotte Muir Navy (Sunday/Offen)
Elizabeth Offen Navy (Sunday/Offen)
Cassie OMalley Navy (Sunday/Offen)
Clare Ryan Navy (Sunday/Offen)
Clara St. Onge Navy (Sunday/Offen)
Katelyn Sunday Navy (Sunday/Offen)
Clara Blanchard Purple (Blanchard/Carcio)
Stella Bourbeau Purple (Blanchard/Carcio)
Estella Carcio Purple (Blanchard/Carcio)
Shelby Mcloughlin Purple (Blanchard/Carcio)
Sienna Norman Purple (Blanchard/Carcio)
Kate Norris Purple (Blanchard/Carcio)
Madison Reardon Purple (Blanchard/Carcio)
Joy Roth Purple (Blanchard/Carcio)
Evelyn Storer Purple (Blanchard/Carcio)


Girls 2nd (5v5)   Team
Victoria Broomhead Emerald (Dywer)
Caroline Broomhead Emerald (Dywer)
Hadley Coburn Emerald (Dywer)
Beatrice Dwyer Emerald (Dywer)
Kerry McGregor Emerald (Dywer)
Keira McNally Emerald (Dywer)
Rachel Ramsay Emerald (Dywer)
Everett Caroline Stephens Emerald (Dywer)
Peyton Sullivan Emerald (Dywer)
Emily Wagner Emerald (Dywer)
Catarina Cambi Gold (Curtis/Evans)
Chapin Carter Gold (Curtis/Evans)
Sydney Curtis Gold (Curtis/Evans)
Sadie Evans Gold (Curtis/Evans)
Harper MacLellan Gold (Curtis/Evans)
Lily Moore Gold (Curtis/Evans)
Keira Rennie Gold (Curtis/Evans)
Maeve Rennie Gold (Curtis/Evans)
Annabel Tabaczynski Gold (Curtis/Evans)
Ava Arace Navy (Arace/Blanchard)
Madeline Blanchard Navy (Arace/Blanchard)
Madison Chmura Navy (Arace/Blanchard)
Alexandra Cunningham Navy (Arace/Blanchard)
Rosie Greco Navy (Arace/Blanchard)
Fiona Lombardi Navy (Arace/Blanchard)
Catherine McManus Navy (Arace/Blanchard)
Maeve Reardon Navy (Arace/Blanchard)
Avery Romano Navy (Arace/Blanchard)
Devon Tobia Navy (Arace/Blanchard)
Carys Bergan Purple (Greaney/Hanna)
Erin Canal Purple (Greaney/Hanna)
Kasia Greaney Purple (Greaney/Hanna)
Hurley Hanna Purple (Greaney/Hanna)
Lillian Kavanaugh Purple (Greaney/Hanna)
Vivian Koch Purple (Greaney/Hanna)
Henley Lubitz Purple (Greaney/Hanna)
Isabelle Sunkin Purple (Greaney/Hanna)
Tessa White Purple (Greaney/Hanna)


Girls 3rd/4th (7v7)   Team
Ava Agostino Emerald (D.Dwyer/Storer)
Grace Banning Emerald (D.Dwyer/Storer)
Eva Barber Emerald (D.Dwyer/Storer)
Micaela Cambi Emerald (D.Dwyer/Storer)
Isabelle Dwyer Emerald (D.Dwyer/Storer)
Isabel Hanna Emerald (D.Dwyer/Storer)
Ava Kisler Emerald (D.Dwyer/Storer)
Charlotte Plecs Emerald (D.Dwyer/Storer)
Hannah Reinig Emerald (D.Dwyer/Storer)
Maya Rossi Emerald (D.Dwyer/Storer)
Olivia Storer Emerald (D.Dwyer/Storer)
Lilly Wilhelm Emerald (D.Dwyer/Storer)
Auden Balck Gold (N.Dwyer/Morgan)
Maisie Balck Gold (N.Dwyer/Morgan)
Sidney Bourbeau Gold (N.Dwyer/Morgan)
Riley Corbett Gold (N.Dwyer/Morgan)
Brynn Dwyer Gold (N.Dwyer/Morgan)
Taylor Gibson Gold (N.Dwyer/Morgan)
Riley Kennedy Gold (N.Dwyer/Morgan)
Eleanor Levy Gold (N.Dwyer/Morgan)
Elizabeth Morgan Gold (N.Dwyer/Morgan)
Alice OMalley Gold (N.Dwyer/Morgan)
Julia Presiado Gold (N.Dwyer/Morgan)
Emma Reissfelder Gold (N.Dwyer/Morgan)
Sienna Sherbertes Gold (N.Dwyer/Morgan)
Phoebe Bunge Navy (Sunday/Evans/Viteri)
Annika Casieri Navy (Sunday/Evans/Viteri)
Theodora Cunningham Navy (Sunday/Evans/Viteri)
Sabella Dodge Navy (Sunday/Evans/Viteri)
Zoe Evans Navy (Sunday/Evans/Viteri)
Hazel Gutner Navy (Sunday/Evans/Viteri)
Chloe Heald Navy (Sunday/Evans/Viteri)
Molly Kiernan Navy (Sunday/Evans/Viteri)
Charlotte LeClair Navy (Sunday/Evans/Viteri)
Caroline Riley Navy (Sunday/Evans/Viteri)
Ryan Seuss Navy (Sunday/Evans/Viteri)
Megan Sunday Navy (Sunday/Evans/Viteri)
Louisa Viteri Navy (Sunday/Evans/Viteri)
Margaret Boylan Purple (McManus/Henry/Hanna)
Poppy Burgess Purple (McManus/Henry/Hanna)
Molly Doherty Purple (McManus/Henry/Hanna)
Piper Henry Purple (McManus/Henry/Hanna)
Claire McManus Purple (McManus/Henry/Hanna)
Violet McNevin Purple (McManus/Henry/Hanna)
Paigely Quinn Purple (McManus/Henry/Hanna)
Kali Roth Purple (McManus/Henry/Hanna)
Shae Schindler Purple (McManus/Henry/Hanna)
Alison St. Onge Purple (McManus/Henry/Hanna)
Clare Starvish Purple (McManus/Henry/Hanna)
Elizabeth Templeton Purple (McManus/Henry/Hanna)
Abigail Whoriskey Purple (McManus/Henry/Hanna)




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